Creating Web3’s Greatest Superheroes at 247 Comics

Creating Web3’s Greatest Superheroes at 247 Comics

Creating Web3’s Greatest Superheroes at 247 Comics

Without gatekeepers.
Without ceilings.
Without limits…
Welcome to 247.


247 is where we’re living the dream and welcome all who want in on it. We are a creator-led project where art and story are championed above all. With our creators’ vision and the support of our community, we are innovating and adapting the comic book industry for Web3.


247 Comics is a creator-led project that is focused on innovating and adapting the comic book and manga industry for Web3. Our comic book creator teams are world-class, diverse, and renown for their art and stories, with prior and current experience at Marvel, DC, Netflix, and more.

Our original comic book titles have been two years in the making, with six original titles currently in production, and three more in process. Our very first original title to be released is Genesis, written and created by Sean Chen, the legendary Marvel and DC comic book artist known for designing the modern-day Iron Man. A pfp collection is planned to be released in connection with each original comic book title, starting with Genesis.

With no shortage of ambition, one of the company’s goals is to help develop a sustainable ecosystem for comic book creators and to disrupt the publishing model for comics and manga. We currently have nine original titles in the works with partnership-publishing models with our creator teams where they participate in all forms of revenue for the life of the intellectual property (IP).


The company is venture-backed and is here to stay, with each core team member’s equity vesting over a four-year period.

Our project lead Carl Choi is a serial entrepreneur with a successful track record in various sectors across the entertainment industry, including experiential events, nightlife, film/television, music, and more. Our product and developer team includes members with experience from META (Facebook), Airbnb, Uber, banking/finance, and other fintech companies, with a big vision to build a digital reader that brings comics back to the masses and fills a need in the market as more creators are looking to bring their comics to digital audiences.

Sean Chen is our art lead, with 20+ years of experience in comics and known for drawing iconic Marvel and DC superheroes, including Wolverine, Iron Man, X-Men, Nova, Batman Beyond, and more. Our creative director Mickey Finnegan is an Emmy award-winning director and currently writing/directing cinematics for Wizards of the Coast (Dungeons and Dragons, Magic the Gathering). Our production manager AJ Vargas hails from Marvel Studios, where he was formerly manager of visual development.

A Web3-native growth team led by Calista Wu, charged with innovating marketing, community, and partnerships, is comprised of well-known and trusted Web3 builders who have been onboarded to facilitate bridging comic book and manga fans and creators with the Web3 space. Additional core team members have been hand-selected based on various experiences that are capable of building 247 Comics into a global brand. Our advisors, which feature top leaders in the Web3, film/television, and comic book industries, have not yet been announced.


We have announced 3 NFT collections so far:

BIPLANE BOBO is a free mint with a 5k supply that serves as an initial entry into the 247 Comics ecosystem, with 15 different traits that serve as credits that holders can use to burn into two future collections (247 Studio Badge and Genesis) or keep to participate in the development of and credit participation for the BiPlane Bobo franchise.

This collection minted out successfully and is currently maintaining a steady floor price, with trait floors reflecting the various levels in rarity and corresponding credits. Existing holders currently receive benefits, including access to holder-exclusive channels in the Discord server, holder-exclusive giveaways, and holder-exclusive original comic book previews on the 247 Comics Reader (beta). The development of the BiPlane Bobo franchise is expected to unfold in Q1 2023, after BiPlane Bobo holders are given the opportunity to burn their NFTs for the 247 Studio Badge and/or Genesis collections.




The 247 STUDIO BADGE has been announced as our all-access VIP pass with a limited 247 supply that gives Founding Member status to reward and engage with the most passionate members of our community, with benefits including 1 free mint to all future pfp collections, 3 companion lists for the Genesis pfp collection, priority companion lists for all future pfp collections (if applicable), VIP real life experiences, exclusive previews, signed physical copies of our comics, and more.

The 247 Studio Badge is expected to drop in Q3 2022, with more details regarding the methods to obtain the exclusive collection to be announced. BiPlane Bobo holders will have the opportunity to burn their NFTs for a limited number of 247 Studio Badge spots, with the exact points threshold and quantity of spots to be announced. Other methods to obtain a 247 Studio Badge have yet to be released.


GENESIS has been announced as our very first pfp collection based on the original comic book created by Sean Chen and published by 247 Comics, which will feature five base characters and an unannounced supply, and will grant holders a license with commercial IP rights with respect to their Genesis NFTs.

The Genesis collection is expected to drop in Q4 2022, with more details about this anticipated collection to come. Holders of the 247 Studio Badge are guaranteed one free mint and three companion lists for the Genesis collection, and BiPlane Bobo holders will have the opportunity to burn their NFTs for a select number of Genesis spots. Additional Genesis List spots are available through various Discord events, community participation, and Twitter giveaways.


We welcome everyone to stay connected with us across all of our social media platforms, including our official website, Twitter accounts, and Discord server.

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🔗 Official 247 Comics HQ Twitter

🔗 Official Genesis by Sean Chen Twitter

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