Otaku Club

Otaku Club

Otaku Club NFT Logo
  • Ability to influence the future of Otaku Club with SHINKAI
  • Opportunity to create your own 1/1 NFT
  • Free mint for second collection for all genesis holders
  • Learn and contribute to building out a second NFT collection
  • Access to exclusive perks, including manga origin story, streetwear, collectibles, and events
  • Access to highly anticipated upcoming NFT launches (e.g., EVE Robotics tool and Elysium 3D avatars)

Otaku Club Team

Otaku Club Roadmap

  • Community-based collections
  • Physical collectibles
  • Metaverse integration
  • Streetwear
  • Otaku Events
  1. Community-based collections where you’ll be able to decide on things like art styles, traits, character types and even the events taking place in their stories. Following the minting of the genesis collection, holders are able to claim a digital copy of the manga-themed origin story, whereas physical versions are available to purchase.
MVHQ members who hold an Otaku Club genesis NFT, can claim a MVHQ trait
  • Work with the Otaku Club team to create a 1/1 character that replaces their existing art.
  • Receive a replica 3D version of one of their Otaku Club NFTs.

Otaku Club Partnership with EVE Robotics

  • Live Gas Monitoring
  • Multiple Wallet Support
  • Wallet Management (Create, Manage Wallets )
  • Run Tasks on Multiple Nodes — Contract Minting
  • Contract Activity Preview
  • Transaction Cancellation and Speed Up
  • Discord and Email Notifications
  • Discord Support
  • Dutch Auction Support
  • Mass Editing
EVE Robotics’ Origin Block logo

Access to Elysium

A masked man stands in front of a portal on Elysium
The portal to Elysium is open and a masked man extends his hand welcoming you
The entrance to Elysium
The entrance to Elysium
Here are some sneak peaks of the Elysium avatars
2,000 genesis Otaku for those obsessed with anime and manga while granting their holders a special ability. Mint Date: July 25th


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