SUKUTA mint coming soon

SUKUTA mint coming soon






Do you know what successful brands like Nike, Adidas, Reebok, or Puma have in common? They have seamlessly integrated into all major sports. Their presence is synonymous with sports teams, clothing, shoes, equipment, and, most importantly, the players who wear them. 

Professional players are connected with a multitude of products. Each of their sponsors works diligently behind the scenes to create exclusive items. As their likeness grows, so do the possibilities and success of each line. Ultimately, it is the fans, followers, and community that make these initiatives successful. We, however, only see a little of what goes on, and the distance between the players and their dedicated fans are not as close as we wished it would be. Even the most dedicated fans of each athlete seldom get a chance to meet their idols. 

It's time to bring Professional Players closer to the fans and expand their experiences. Web3 and Digital Collectibles are ready to make this happen. 

Kevin Porter Jr, starting point guard for the Houston Rockets, is one such player who has taken the leap to utilize blockchain technology to create a closer relationship with his fans, Rockets fans, and basketball fans alike. 

SUKUTA is an access pass that will take you behind the scenes into the universe of Kevin Porter Jr. As a professional NBA athlete KPJ, (Scoot), is involved with various opportunities and organizations that his audience rarely gets a chance to see or interact with. As a member of SUKUTA, you get to become part of that voice, part of that experience, and part of that journey of what it's like to be in the inner circle with what athletes like Kevin Porter Jr create on a daily basis. These will include limited run collectables of various types, collaborations with sponsors and staple brands that are recognized around the world.

SUKUTA intends to use Digital Collectibles to bring you a new type of brand. Both in the 

world of basketball and fashion. Through this new technology we will create experiences that will become the gateway to forming a deeper connection between you and the collectibles we release. Physical items will launch digital experiences, and digital experiences will unleash so much more. 

Rock Ya Lif3


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